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2013 Work Catalog

2013 Work Catalog In the 1990s, just when I was ready to paint a series of abstract works, the world changed on me and became digital. That forced me to abandon what I was doing and become literate in Photoshop and in the film state-of-the-art program Final Cut Pro, which then led me to my series of Computer Aided Art (CAA). This year, though, I continued my formerly interrupted series and painted many more Abstract Impressions on canvas. While doing so, I realized how much bottled-up energy has been waiting to come out from “my guts.”

I have to work in a frenzy to create my abstract paintings and my surreal images. It is the only way to bypass my crazy mind full of facts and numbers, as well as the dualism between the analog and the digital worlds within me. Sometimes, I envy those artists whose education and life experience are not as complex as my own and who don’t have a PhD in economics that rationalizes and categorizes a zillion facts, numbers and feelings all at once.

When people meet me, they experience my intellectual self. They get puzzled: How can this rational guy Rudy Ernst be an artist? The answer is simple: My artworks emanate from my guts. — In other words: Never ask me to talk about my art.